Nominations can be submitted directly from the company/person or can be suggested by a third part. Made in Italy Awards are awarded on the basis of the outcome of the votes cast by the panel of judges and public vote regarding the candidacies submitted by the Executive Board. The Executive Board of the Made in Italy Awards selects the candidates for the short list on the basis of these criteria:
  • Correctly filled the Nomination form in every part.
  • Verification of all information subscripted in the nomination form.
  • The candidate carried out a highly effective action to spread manifestations of Italian creativity and entrepreneurial spirit overseas.
  • The candidate demonstrated successfully the capacity to achieve top-quality results in one’s own entrepreneurial.
The ballots are sent to every member with a presentation of every nomination. The Executive Board of Made in Italy Awards counts the votes and prepares a related report. The outcome of the vote counting is secret. The report prepared by the Made in Italy Awards may be consulted, on request, exclusively by the members of the Executive Board. The name of the winners are withheld until the day of the award ceremony.


The panel of judges will be selected in United States of America with different expertise and privileged point of view of editors , chefs, business leaders, professors, actor/entertainer, institutional. The composition of the panel of judges is ratified or modified by the Executive Board of Made in Italy Awards. Judges should make clear any connection they may have with a person under consideration for an award, and come to an independent and clear decision. The panel of judges will be announced June 20th 2015 . The criteria that Judges need to consider for the vote are:
  • The winner must have relevantly and positively increased the awareness of the Made in Italy (image success)
  • High level of quality and innovation of exported products (quality success)
  • Exemplary business model and organization shown in the development of the international enterprise (business success / role model).

Public Vote

Made in Italy Awards Finalists can also be voted online by the public. Anybody can register and vote on the Made in Italy Awards’s website and on Facebook .